The Artist, Clovia M. Ng, strives to create sensitive works of contemporary representational fine art with exquisite detail and compelling watercolors. My vision is to capture emotion, movement and texture of a natural landscape or cityscape and to maintain a unique expressive quality with timeless beauty in the painting.

Her illustration depicts a variety of whimsical animals created from hand-drawn techniques or digital renderings for a client. She is able to capture the characteristics of an animal(s) with it’s unique personality. Clovia has created over a hundred illustrations for trade magazines in her career of editorial design and as an art director.

She has also displayed her original fine artwork in over 27 art gallery shows throughout NY-CT-PA and she sells high-quality giclees on paper and canvas to her clients that reside throughout the United States – see her SHOP page to purchase prints.




With all inquiries for Artwork, Clovia will provide a quote, devise a contract (to be signed) and fulfill the project with aesthetic values and  exceptional business ethics. She will Listen, Analyze, Research, Conceptualize, Create, Implement and then Finalize an Original Work of Art with Approvals.

For Fine Artworks, many framing options are available. Almost all the fine artwork on display in this website is offered for purchase. Please provide your information with inquiry on the Contact form. Thank you.


You can inquire about a Commission or Sale of an Original Artwork(s) through the contact form on this website with a brief description of a project or with the title of a specific piece that you are interested in Clovia’s art gallery.


With respect to all Artwork created by Clovia, the Artist retains all rights to display, promote and for reproduction. The Sale of a Fine Artwork or Commission does not include reproduction rights to the Buyer as noted in a Contract of Sale that is to be signed by both parties, Buyer and Artist.

For illustration, a variety of rights such as Exclusive or North American Serial Rights can be transferred to the Buyer depending on the usage of such Artwork with which the Artist’s fees can vary, which will be detailed in a written contract.